What is Aviation English?

Aviation English is the de facto international language of civil aviation. Largely due to the expansion of air travel in the 20th century and safety concerns regarding the ability of pilots, maintenance personnel and cabin crew to communicate effectively especially in the case of non routine scenarios..

ICAO has acknowledged that “communications, or the lack thereof, has been shown by many accident investigations to play a significant role” as in the case of the Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision (12 November 1996) that resulted in the deaths of 349 people.

In essence, Aviation English is a form of ESP or English for Specific Purposes which focuses on the combination of specific technical and plain language that would be used in various aviation contexts.


English for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel


Intensive English Programme

IEP is mandatory for all DTS trainees; TLTs and TAMEs. There are two proficiency levels of IEP; Elementary and Pre Intermediate. The objective of the programme is to build up general communication skills and solidify the basic fundamentals of English to better prepare trainees for technical training modules. IEP incorporates the 4 language skills; Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, in the context of general aviation.

English Competency Training

ECT is specifically designed for those undergoing the Category B programme. The lessons have been designed to compliment EPU’s non-conservative training methodology which is optimum trainee participation and ample individual and group activities/ tasks and assignments. The topics selected for this programme have a strong bias towards maintenance practices and human factors – and are essentially more ‘maintenance-oriented’. It also incorporates the four language skills, i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

English for Maintenance Personnel Training

EMPT is specifically designed for the TAME trainees to further enhance their language and communication skills (verbal and written) in order to prep them for the aircraft maintenance work environment. EMPT also covers the four language disciplines, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking as well as other tasks and assignments in the context of aircraft maintenance with plenty of work-simulations. With a bias towards aviation legislation and air-worthiness matters (inc. process and procedures), EMPT equips trainees with the much needed knowledge of the aircraft maintenance field.


The Essay Writing Workshop has been specifically designed to assist Aircraft Maintenance Trainees/Personnel who are required to sit for essay based assessments, i.e. Module 7 (Maintenance Practices), Module 9 (Human Factors), and Module 10 (Aviation Legislation). The workshop equips test takers with the essay writing skills and techniques required to pass their assessments.

English For Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew Intensive English Training

The Intensive English Training for Cabin Crew caters to the needs of candidates who work in the In Flight Services industry. The objective of this programme is to develop proficiency through contextual learning and workplace simulations via integrated and interactive training activities.

Testing & Certification

AECA Preparatory Course

The AECA Prep course is a short course designed to prepare individuals from the aviation community who wish to take the Aviation English Competency Assessment (AECA). The programme aids test takers by introducing the format of the assessment, developing the required skill set and drilling question types that are likely to appear in the assessment.

For more information on AECA, please send an email to [email protected].

DTS EPU provides rater training in accordance to ICAO language proficiency requirements. All of our trainers are certified raters who have extensive experience in the aviation industry as well as a strong linguistic background.


Customisable Training Programmes

To request tailor made training programmes, please contact our team of subject matter experts for further information at [email protected]

Aviation English