As stated in CAAM’s AN1101, all CAAM examinations MUST abide by the following standards:

1.1 The pass mark for each CAAM Part-66 module and sub-module multi-choice part of the examination is 75%.
1.2 The pass mark for each essay question is 75% in that the candidates answer must contain 75% of the required key points addressed by the question and no significant error related to any required key point.
1.3 If either the multi-choice part only or the essay part only is failed, then it is only necessary to retake the multi choice or essay part, as appropriate.
1.4 All CAAM Part-66 modules that make up a complete CAAM Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence category or subcategory must be passed within a 5 year time period of passing the first module except in the case specified in paragraph 1.5. A failed module may not be retaken for at least 90 days following the date of the failed module examination, except in the case of a CAAM Part-147 approved maintenance training organisation which conducts a course of retraining tailored to the failed subjects in the particular module when the failed module may be retaken after 30 days.
1.5 The 5 year time period specified in paragraph 1.4 does not apply to those modules which are common to more than one CAAM Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence category or subcategory and which were previously passed as part of another such category or subcategory examination.

For further details on CAAM Part-66 Examinations, refer to CAAM AN1101 Appendix 2 which can be accessed at:

Basic Examination Standards