1. Is Dilog Training and Services (DTS) approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) to conduct CAAM Part-66 Examinations?

Yes, DTS is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO/2011/02) with Approval to Conduct Examinations by the Department of Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia.

2. What exams/assessments does DTS conduct?

  1. Full Module Examinations and Assessment
  2. Licence Extension Examinations and Assessments
  3. Removal of Limitation Examinations and Assessments

3. How much are CAAM Part-66 Examination fees at DTS?

RM 200 per paper, exclusive of GST.

4. I have passed a few CAAM Part-66 Examinations at CAAM (MaVA). Can I apply to sit for the rest of my module examinations at DTS?


5. I failed a CAAM Part-66 Module examination at MaVA last month. Can I apply to sit for the same examination at DTS next month?

Candidates must wait 90 days before retaking exams.

7. How often does DTS conduct examinations?

As determined by the exam schedule which is updated on a monthly basis.

9. I failed an essay paper. Can I request for a review on my Essay marks?

Reviewal of examination results is done on a case by case basis. Please email [email protected] for further information.

10. I have passed the Module 7 essay paper at another ATO. Can I sit for Module 7 MCQ paper at DTS?


12. Does DTS provide short courses/coaching?

Please email us at [email protected] for information regarding courses you are interested in.

13. Does DTS provide notes for exam prep?

No, unless you are enrolled in a DTS conducted course.

14. Do we get a result slip after passing the exam?

Initially, candidates will be given a “Notification of Results” (NoR) before the issuance of the actual certificate. You are required to keep your NoR as evidence in order to claim your certificate.

15. How long does the issuance of the results take?

We target to release results within 14 working days from the exam date, always subject to CAAM’s approval in releasing such results.