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Meet the minimum requirements CAAM Part 66 Licensing Categories.

CAA Malaysia’s Part 66 Licensing Process

CAA Malaysia’s Part 66 Licensing Process

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Aircraft Maintenance

Approved Aircraft Maintenance
Training Organisation.

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The Group’s dynamic aviation
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Malaysia’s and the region’s only
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An Approved Training Organisation (ATO/2011/02) under the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). The approval held is under the latest CAAM Airworthiness Notice 1201 (Part 147).


Conducts programmes as required under CAAM’s Airworthiness Notice 1101 (Part 66).


DTS’ training facility is located at U8 Bukit Jelutong. The training centre is equipped with a full spectrum of training facility, providing complete training programmes and meeting all regulatory requirements, as stipulated in the CAAM’s Airworthiness Notices. DTS has established its own MRO on collaboration with Sapura Technics at Senai Airport.


DTS has the best and proven track record of producing the most number of Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians & Engineers in the country.

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